Stream under Fall Trees - Dallas Arboretum

February 02, 2018

Stream under Fall Trees - Dallas Arboretum

It was a beautiful day and our painting group,

the Plein Air Peeps, set out for one of our outdoor adventures.

You never really know how these outdoor painting days will go

but our sights were set on the Dallas Arboretum.

Fall was in the air.

There was potential for great color but also the risks of afternoon showers, so we had to act fast.

I think there were eight or nine of us that day.

Once we arrived, we all split up and spread throughout the Arboretum.

I know each artist found the exact right spot for their painting

that is the way it goes with painting,

sometimes it works to stick together

and sometimes it does not.

We completed our paintings before the rain began to fall,

we finished with a very nice lunch on a covered patio at the Arboretum.

One of the things that I enjoy about painting is the freedom
to think about other things while I paint.
I often use this time as my quiet time with God.
I find a devotional aspect while observing nature.
I slow down and really look at nature around me.
I am always amazed at the colors God puts together.
This day, I found a small stream bordered by walls of stone
and hovering over-head were the strong plums and deep reds of colored trees with a hazy grey-blue sky behind them,
muting the green trees.
The colors popped beautifully.
The small stream below called to mind the Bible verse:


The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD, he guides it wherever he pleases. Proverb 21:1 NLT.


I think this verse can really apply to me as well.
Strong walls of stone guide this stream in the painting, and in the same way the strong hands of God guide my heart.
God lovingly moves me in the direction that He wants me to go.
If I follow God’s lead,
I will see beauty in the life that He has planned out for me.
Do you watch for those moments
when God is showing you something
beautiful in your life?
Something that He planned for just for YOU.
My prayer is that I will easily go with God’s flow
His direction that He has planned for me
enjoying the beauty of the ride
that He has prepared for me to see.


What is your prayer today?


Does this painting inspire you ~ reminding you to seek God's direction?

Click here to purchase this painting.

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